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What is Blogger?

Hello friends! How are you? In my post I will share with you about blogger or blogspot. Do you know what is blogger or blogspot? is a platform where you can create a free blogsite. For free blogging this site is very popular. This site is a service of Google. As it is easy to create a blog site, so it is very popular. To create a site from here you need not to know HTML or any program. Just log in to this site with your g-mail account.

History of blogger(In short): Blogger was started since 23rd August 1999. First it is established by “PAIRA LABS”. But in 2003 Google bought it. At present it is conducted by Google Server. Their sub domain is To help people for blogging Google started this service. From that year Google is trying to make it too easy.

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Make Posts For Your Blog

Dear visitor this post is for them who are new in blogger. Through this post a new blogger can learn how to make a post in blogger. If we make a blog or website we need to make post for our visitor. If your blog doesn't have any post your visitors don't enter your blog. If visitors don't come to your blog your all industry will end in smoke. So follow me and learn how to make post in blogger.
=> First go to
=> A new page will open like bellow image.

=> In this page you will see your blog and click your blog title. After clicking again a new page will open. See bellow.............

=> Here you will see you "Dashboard". From here click "New post" (left side of this page). Now you will get another window.

=> Here you will see two blank space. One is for "Title". Another is for posting. In "Title" space you have to select a title for your post. Then start writing.
=> After your posting click publish(Top right side of the page).
Now visit your blog and see your post.

Make Free Blog With Blogger

Hello friends! How are you all. Now a days many of us have a blog or website. Again many wish for making a blog or website. But they do not know how to make a blog or website for free. In my post I will tell you about making a blog or website for free with blogger. Do you want tot make a blog or website with blogger? Yes! You can make a own blog or website for free with blogger. You need not have much knowledge or expense money to make a blog with blogger. Just follow my instructions. So let's start....................    

Process 1:

First go to Now log in here with your email ID and password. After that you will get a new page like bellow image.

 From here select "New Blog". After that you will get a new window. Like bellow........

In this page at first you have to select a "Title" for your blog. Then you should select your "Address". You have to notice that your address is available. Then select a template as your wish. At last click "Create blog".  Like bellow image..............

Now your blog is ready to post. Enjoy yourself.