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subscription box, facebook like box
First see this widget. How nice the widget is! It is a social widget for blogger. Here subscription box, facebook like box, twitter follow box, Google+ box, linkedin box are available. It is easy to do. Do you want to add this widget to your blogspot blog? It looks like so beautiful. By add this widget you can increase your blogs attraction. By this widget visitor will get your posts via feed box. besides they can like or follow your facebook fan page or twitter's twit. It also make your blog seo friendly. If you agree to add this widget follow me and do what i say.

First go to your blogger account. Here you will get your "Dashboard'. From here select "Layout".

Now a new page will reopen. From here select "Ad a gadget".

Now a new mini page will open from here select "HTML/JavaScript"

A code box will appear. Now paste the bellow code in the code box.

<a href="YOUR RSS FEED URL" title="Subscribe to Feed" target="_blank"><img src=" "/><strong></strong> </a>
<a href="YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE URL" title="Like on Facebook" target="_blank"><img src=""/><strong></strong> </a>
<a href="YOUR TWITTER URL" title="Follow on Twitter" target="_blank"><img src=" "/><strong></strong> </a>
<a href="YOUR GOOGLE+ URL" title="Add to Circle" target="_blank"><img src=" "/><strong></strong> </a>
<a href="YOUR LINKEDIN url" title="Follow on LinkedIn" target="_blank"><img src=" "/><strong></strong> </a>
<a href="YOUR SLIDESHARE URL" title="Follow on Slideshare" target="_blank"><strong></strong> </a>

1. Change "YOUR RSS FEED URL" with your feed url
2. Change "YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE URL" with your facebook page url
3. Change "YOUR TWITTER URL" with your twitter url.
4. Change "YOUR GOOGLE+ URL" with your google+ url.
5.  Change "YOUR LINKEDIN URL" with your linkedin url.
6.  Change "YOUR SLIDESHARE URL" with your slideshare url

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