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How to Add Contact Form Widget for Blogger

contact form
How are you friend? In my post I will tell you about a nice widget. It is a Contact Form Widget. This post is for blogger. When we visit others site or blog we see that they have a option to contact with them. If you add this to your blogspot blog your blog will be attractive. If you add this your visitors can contact with you. As a result your visitor feel better to your blog. It is easy to do. You can add this within a few minutes. So friend let's start our mission.................

First log in to your blogger account. Then you will get a new window form here select "Layout" option(See bellow Image)

Then a new page will open like bellow.

From here select "Add a gadget". Then a new mini page will open from here select "More gadgets" option and you will see "Contact Form". Click on it.

Now a page will reopen like bellow. From here click save.

You have done. Now visit to your blog and enjoy. Wish your good luck.

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